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We inform you that, as indicated in art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, following the consultation of the present website, the treatment of data referred to identified or identifiable persons may take place. Fasolato Cinzia will proceed to treat the data you provide in full compliance with legal regulations concerning the protection of personal data. Users provide personal data optionally and are used for the sole purpose of providing the requested service; thus, failure to provide required data may result in impossibility to make use of our services.
The personal data you provide (including eventual e-mail addresses) are collected via online modalities and treated – also via the use of electronic procedures – for the following purposes:
1. reasons related to hotel bookings or to the sending of informational materials (Fasolato Cinzia will use this information only for the elaboration of the reservation, and to send relevant information for the confirming the booking, such as the receipt, the reservation code and the conditions).
2. statistical reasons, sending of advertising materials, also via e-mail.

Within Fasolato Cinzia the data can be known only to:
- the Data Treatment Supervisor,
- the Data Treatment Manager,
- employees and/or collaborators of Fasolato Cinzia, in quality of operators assigned to Data Treatment;
- subjects nominated as external Data Treatment Managers, in observance of the limits and modalities established by the nomination letter and by currently effective legal dispositions.

Collected data may be shared with third parties only in cases permitted by Legislative Decree 196/2003 (i.e.: to persons, companies or professional studios who offer assistance and consultancy to Fasolato Cinzia with regards to accounting, administrative, legal tax-related and financial themes, within the necessary limits for the fulfilment of their tasks; to comply with legal and regulatory requirements or Community dispositions, and in any case within limits established by the aforementioned norms).
Personal information will not be sold, rented out or commercialized in any other form without the consent of the subject in question.
The list of authorized staff is available for your consultation, within the legal headquarters of Fasolato Cinzia

Navigation data acquired by our IT systems are used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information concerning the use of our website and to check its correct functioning. The data may also be used to certify responsibilities in the case of hypothetical IT crimes against our website.

As indicated in art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, you have the right – in any given moment – to request information concerning the treatment of your data, its modalities and the logic applied in these operations from the Data Treatment Manager, as well as:

1) the confirmation of the existence of the data in question and communication of the data and of their origins;
2) personal ID data of the Data Treatment Supervisor and Managers, as well as of subjects or categories of subjects who are entitled to receive the data or who may come to know about the data, in quality of Managers or operators;
3) the update, correction and integration of your data;
4) the cancellation of the data, its transformation into anonymous form, the blocking of any data not treated in compliance with the law;
5) a certification that operations described in points 3) and 4) have been brought to the attention of subjects who received the data, with the exception of the case in which this is impossible or implies financial expenses that are manifestly disproportionate with regards to the protected right;
6) the right to refuse:
the treatment of data, even if pertinent with the purpose of their collection, for legitimate reasons;
the treatment of data for commercial information purposes or for market research.

Contents published on, when not indicated differently and explicitly, are protected by current copyright laws, Law n. 633/1941 and later updates and integrations; the contents cannot be re-published on other websites, newsletters, paper magazines and CD-ROMs or other unspecified supports, without a preventive authorization from, regardless of the reasons behind their utilization.

The authorization to use contents of the website must be requested in written form via e-mail and is considered to be accepted only following the reception of a written consent from the legal attorney of Hotel Milan.
The eventual failure to reply, on the part of Hotel Milan, must in no case be interpreted as a tacit authorization.
The reproduction, rental, loan and diffusion of such contents without authorization from Hotel Milan is prohibited, except for cases specified below.
These violations will be punishable with sanctions indicated in articles171, 171-bis, 171-ter, 174-bis and 174-ter of Law n. 633/1941.

The graphic elements and HTML/XHTML code of the website are considered to be property of Hotel Milan.

Partial exclusion from prohibition to re-publish contents
The contents published on Hotel Milan may be partially re-published on third internet sites, newsletters or digital and paper supports in the form of abstracts, under the condition that:
- The re-published contents do not exceed 15% of characters used in the original article
- A clear and visible link to the original article, published, is present
- The name of the original author is indicated in clear fashion

Responsibilities of Hotel Milan
Hotel Milan is not responsible for damage caused, directly or indirectly, by the use of information features on
All quoted brands and logos reproduced on are property of the legitimate owners. The brands in question are quoted for purely informational purposes.

Links from the website to other websites
Aseries of links to other websites are available on the website
By using these links, the user exits the present website.
Hotel Milan cannot continuously examine these websites, nor does it manage them, nor is it responsible for their contents.
Therefore Hotel Milan does not provide any guarantee regarding the contents, information, software, other products, materials or eventual results featured on these websites.
Access to other websites via the links featured on the present website falls under the exclusive responsibilityof the user.

Links to the website from other websites
Any website that connects (via links) to the website is required to observe applicable legal dispositions and the following instructions regarding links:
- Links can be created, but the contents of the website cannot be duplicated.
- False partnerships with Hotel Milan may not be boasted.
- No false information on products of Hotel Milan must be provided.
- The Hotel Milan logo cannot be used without permission.
- The website in question must not feature indecent or offensive contents. It must feature contents suitable for persons of all ages.
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